For more than thirty-five years, our speciality has been the sale of wire of small diameter. The range of our products is very wide: copper wire to the stainless steel wire while passing by the brass wire and galvanized wire, we can meet all your needs

Among our customers, we have factories using our wire in products such as, the locking wire, insulated chimneys, flexible pipes and much more applications.

We have a specific line of goods for sale in hardware stores, sporting and craft stores, in coils or plastic spools of small formats for work in house, garage, garden, camp-site, hunting and even survival kit.

We have also customers making an important use of wire, such as artists and craftsmen.žžWe have great experience in steel wire and our range of product is very diversified.ž

As we buy our wire directly from the manufacturer in a larger format, we can provide product in the quantity answering your specifications at competitive prices.ž

Whether you need small or big quantity, you will always receive a courteous and effective service.

For more information on our products, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • žTypes of products available at Corfil.


 Stainless steel wire

žGalvanized steel wire

Aluminum wire

Brass wire

Copper wire

Monel 400 wire

žInconel 600 wire

And much more.

The diameters available vary betweenž             0.010¨(0.22 mm.) and 0.104¨(2.6 mm.) .

They are all flexible wirežžIn coil, wiht dispenser, on plastic spool or in tie wire.žž

Our marketžWe ship everywhere in Canada .

Our products are of good quality.


žThere is an innovation at Corfil.

We arranged a small workshop of machining for the customers who have parts to create or to repair.

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